Mentor & Judge Voting Instructions

Register as a Mentor/Judge

  • Go to:

  • Click on “Login as mentor / judge / organizer”

  • Click on sign up

  • Fill the “Registration” form and select startup cup from drop-down menu

  • Click on Sign up

  • Your account will be pending admin approval; you will be notified through same registered email once approved


  • Can add comments to startups at any of the official pitch rounds

  • Can add score to startups at any of the official pitch rounds


  • Can score startups at anytime

  • Can add comments to startups while at the Extreme Build-A-Business Weekend or other coaching sessions

How to Vote:

  • Open system home page and click “Login as mentor / judge / organizer”

  • Click login

  • Use your newly approved username and password

  • Click “Show All” under “Startup cup”

  • You can search a startup by typing startup name at search box at the upper right side

  • Click on company ID you want to score

  • Add your score and click “Submit” button

  • Also you can reset your score by click “Reset” button

  • You can add personal notes using personal note field and click “Save” note

Have Questions? Ask anyone from the Berlin eBay StartUp Cup Team

Thank you for your commitment to growing the entrepreneurs in the world.